Vendor Spotlight: Lloyd’s Construction Services

Taking a Ship Out of the Bottle When most people hear the word “demolition”, images of sledgehammers and front loaders are usually what come to mind. The abundance and popularity of home renovation television shows has made this phase of remodeling appear almost fun and fairly straightforward. However, in the case of a Living Building Challenge (LBC) where recycling and reusing existing materials is as important as the building materials selected, demolition quickly becomes thoughtful, meticulous deconstruction. In the case of Lloyd’s Construction Services, a third generation Minnesota company, this challenge is exactly what they had been preparing for over their 35-year history. John Lloyd founded the business with his father when he was only 17 years old and with nothing but $500 in savings and a 1952 GMC truck. Lloyd has described the demolition side of his business as “taking a ship out of the bottle”. Much of their business has always focused on salvage, reuse and recycling, but never have these words been more applicable than during the careful deconstruction of the old West Dorm for the renovation into the new Margaret A. Cargill (MAC) Lodge at Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center. An ambitious 17 year old and his 52 GMC truck Before approaching Lloyd’s Construction Services, Pete Smerud (executive director of Wolf Ridge ELC) had already been told by three contractors that the LBC requirements of his renovation plans couldn’t be met. In a Living Building Challenge when demolition and renovation of an existing structure is a part of the project, the burden placed on the demolition [...]

Vendor Spotlight: Hearth & Home Technologies

Staff cozy up to the donated stove in the Lakeview House This donation to the MAC lodge really warmed our hearts On this chilly winter day in Minnesota, here's a little warmer-upper. This week we fired up the new fireplace inserts in the Margaret A. Cargill (MAC) Lodge for the first time. The warm glow was seen and felt throughout the new day-rooms from these super-efficient pellet-burning wood stove inserts. There is a heart-warming human twist to this story. It all starts on a school bus. About a year ago, Chad Hendrickson chaperoned his child’s 5th grade school trip to Wolf Ridge. He and naturalist Peter Harris got to chatting while the students ran experiments in “Energy in My Home” class. Chad was inspired by Wolf Ridge’s goal to make its new MAC Lodge the first to be fully certified by Living Building Challenge in the northern United States. This weeks test burn in the MAC lodge sets off a warm glow Chad, an employee at Hearth & Home Technologies, saw an opportunity to help us attain that goal. Hearth & Home Technologies (HHT) makes a wide variety of woodstoves, including the very type of high efficiency biomass burners we were in search of. He took our need back to his coworkers, who agreed that a donation of one new stove to Wolf Ridge would be a great fit for their corporate giving values. HHT, which is based in Lakeville, Minnesota, arranged for one of their dealer partners, Fireplace Corner of Duluth, to deliver the donated Harman stove. Why Pellet [...]

Vendor Spotlight: Holden Electric Co., Inc.

For our first Vendor Spotlight we are featuring one of our neighbors from Two Harbors Minnesota The Vendor Spotlight is our way at Wolf Ridge to thank our Vendors for the support they have given to us in our efforts of being certified as part of the Living Building Challenge. Have Your Business Featured! Vendor Spotlight: Holden Electric Co., Inc. What technical solution or product did your business provide to Wolf Ridge's Living Building Challenge project? Holden Electric Co., was responsible for the installation of the lighting control system in the Margaret A. Cargill Lodge. This was our first Living Building Challenge project and we were excited to be a part of it. We are a Northern Minnesota company, and being able to be part of something right in our backyard with such a huge global impact was a rare opportunity.  What is unique about this solution or product that helps it meet LBC standards? Most other lighting systems are manufactured over seas. Luckily, we were able to source our lighting control system from a local manufacturer right in Minnesota. This was an important consideration when selecting the right products. When you are a vendor working on a Living Building, you have to make additional considerations to ensure all products meet LBC standards, and one of the challenges is sourcing products from within 500 kilometers of the facility. Additionally, the lighting control system helps minimize power consumption in the entire building, which was a paramount consideration when attempting to create a building that is self sustaining. Donate to Wolf Ridge [...]